Stylo Plume Visconti “Homo Sapiens”
Fountain pen Visconti “Homo Sapiens”

Fountain pen Visconti “Homo Sapiens”


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Creator / Artist: VISCONTI
Model name: HOMO SAPIENS
690 €

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Limited Edition - No. 271891 Pen in white and yellow 23 carat gold , lava rock body with bronze .

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This beautiful fountain pen "Homo Sapiens " Bronze Visconti is a writing instrument line designed for real writers , who still regard the pen as a traveling companion, a friend with whom they can share the discoveries of human civilization that the writing itself helped to create . The fountain pen of this material is old as the world : lava from the Etna volcano ... and for the first time ever, Visconti presents its palladium nib 950, in 23 carats. He wears No. 271,891 and is in very good condition with his original box and instructions , having had one owner and from Luxembourg .

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