Dupont Samouraï
S.T.Dupont Lighter “Samouraï”

S.T.Dupont Lighter “Samouraï”


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Creator / Artist: S.T.Dupont
Model name: Samourai
Year of creation: 2010
Composition: Palladium, chinese lacquer
Production: Limited Edition - 182 / 888
3.500 €

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Histoire et description

The Samurai were legendary warriors in the service of war lords to whom they owed allegiance. Today, the name “Samurai” still represents honor and beauty.
The Samourai devoted their lives to the “bushido”, a strict code that demanded loyalty and dignity unto death. They were required to be upright, courageous, good, sincere, respectful and modest, and to maintain control of themselves in all circumstances. Implacable warriors, imagining that they would die in combat in the prime of life, they identified with the fragile and fleeting beauty of the cherry blossom, which falls from the tree before fading.
Combining strength and beauty, the Samourai wore magnificent armor which offered protection, asa well as symbolizing their rank. The color of their armor and richness of their helmets were essential. The “mon”, or family crest, was often engraved on the helmet.
Japanese suits of armor were objects of absolue beauty. The craftsmen employed all their talent to create armor and swords [katanas] whose artistry was only equalled by their terrible efficiency. The Samourai believed that each sword sheltered a divine spirit.
Exceptional precious metal and lacquer artistry intimately links the house of S.T. Dupont with the Samourai.
S.T. Dupont’s Samurai Limited Edition pays homage to the greatness of spirit that sustained these combatants by taking inspiration from the splendor and sophistication of their blades.
The very embodiment of strength and finesse, this limited edition is adorned with decorative elements inspired by the swords of these redoubtable warriors. The objects, engraved with a brilliant midnight blue lacquer.
The blue, which is a reccurent colour in japanese art, is enhanced with points of deep garnet, which evokes noble blood. The items are also decorated with silver leather lozenges marked with a snakeskin effect to embody the powerful and agile character of the Samourai. A decorative element in metal inspired by the helmets [kabutos] adorns the lighter, and a hilt evoking the swords enhances the pen. Finally, a garnet band faithfully reproduces the knot on the hilt of the katana. The items are numbered out of 888, a number that is believed to bring good luck in Asia. Like a seal, the crest of a Samourai clan [mon] hallmarks each product. These products are entirely made by hand with rare and precious materials, which may, with time and usage, present a natural patina.

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Dupont lighter rare Samurai "Limited Edition" made ​​888 pieces worldwide , lucky number in Asia, a pure technical masterpiece built in palladium and deep blue Chinese lacquer engraved, red ribbon on the edge symbolize the reasons Japanese inspired outfits Samourai and their weapons . This lighter is numbered 182 and has its box along with any its original papers , had only one owner and was bought in France . He wears the patina of a collection of object used while being in good condition and hard to find nowadays.

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